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Dannielle Glaros
Just a reminder to place any questions in the chat box at anytime to be asked during the Q/A
Aimee Olivo
If you are physically outside of the County and need to call 311, please dial 301-883-4748
Aimee Olivo
We always suggest to residents in Council District 3 to please let us know when you share an issue on 311 so that we can follow up as well. Please share your case number with WJBrooks@co.pg.md.us. Thank you!
Aimee Olivo
Jennifer Hawkins, Manager of 311 on the go! Program, 301-780-9606, jlhawkins@co.pg.md.us
Aimee Olivo
A Code Enforcement Officer on the call indicated that "when we place a 311 request we can be physically be notified to conduct this inspection with them as an observer"
Aimee Olivo
Avis Lester-Thomas, 301-626-2053, athomaslester@co.pg.md.us
Aimee Olivo
Correction to Avis Thomas-Lester's number: 301-636-2053
Aimee Olivo
When submitting concerns in 311, please provide your email address to receive updates on your request. Of course if you wish to remain anonymous that is fine.
Aimee Olivo
Thanks for the shout out to Ms. Diane Harris, manager of the permit parking program who an attendee says is "competent and efficient" !
Aimee Olivo
311 Call Center has bi-lingual call takers if you speak a language other than English.
Aimee Olivo
211 is our mental health, domestic violence, homeless services hot line. 211 is a wonderful service you can use for behavioral health and other social service issues.
Aimee Olivo
If we have not gotten to your question, please send an email to CouncilDistrict3@co.pg.md.us so we can follow up with you! Thank you!
Aimee Olivo
Thank you everyone! Our email is CouncilDistrict3@co.pg.md.us -- please share additional questions/concerns!
Aimee Olivo
District 3 Phone 301-952-3060
Aimee Olivo
Thanks to all the kudos to CM Glaros and the Directors!